Stanley Tucci Mixes Up the Ultimate Negroni And It’s Truly Sensational

Actor Stanley Tucci is known to enjoy cooking up a fresh deal in his kitchen and this time he has stirred up a beverage that is the need of the hour.

The Instagram video uploaded by Tucci opens with him asking his wife Felicity Blunt and sister-in-law Emily Blunt if they’d like a Negroni. Felicity readily agrees and says, “Yes, of course.”

With jazz music playing in the background, the Oscar-nominated actor begins the work. He looks into the camera and says, “We’re going to have a Negroni up. Mostly people have Negronis on the rocks. But I think actually they’re quite nice up. So, a fair amount of ice in a shaker, and use your hands because it’s the most hygienic way.”

Tucci then elaborates the recipe of the Negroni to his fans. “What you want is a double shot of gin. If you don’t like gin you could use vodka, and maybe just lace it with gin on the top just to give it that little bit of flavour if you like.”

“A shot of sweet vermouth. Good sweet vermouth. A single shot of Campari made in Milan. It is the ubiquitous Milanese cocktail. Shake it up,” Tucci adds.

Finally, the Devil Wears Prada actor puts the drink in a coupe and garnishes it with a slice of orange. He then sips the cocktail and confirms, “That’s very good.”

Tucci is known for his love for food and is the writer of The Tucci Cookbook, a treasure trove of Italian recipes.